And generate a steady flow of amazing leads and referrals who only want to work with you. 

(without cold-calling, door-knocking, or buying expensive leads)


Do you know where your next client will come from?

If not … I’d put money on the fact that there are dozens of qualified buyers and sellers within a 10-mile radius who need your services. They just don’t know about you yet.

The key to getting in front of your dream clients?

A simple, strategic plan to become known as the “go-to” agent in your community.

And right now is hands down THE best time to buckle down and level up your marketing game.

That may feel more challenging than a Tough Mudder, especially if you’re still pretty new and you’d be happy with just about ANY client right about now (even if it means driving two hours for a showing in a neighborhood you know nothing about).

Whether you’re a brand new agent or you’ve been at it for a few years, you had an “ideal life” in mind when you decided to become a real estate agent, right?

A flexible schedule that you control. Healthy commission checks and no salary cap. Getting to look at houses every day and occasionally channeling your inner Joanna Gaines while staging (or is that just me?).

 Here's what wasn't on your vision board...

 ➜ Chasing clients who won’t call you back

➜ Spending all your time in the car

➜ Buying ridonculously expensive leads (who never return your call)

➜ Joining a team or broker that offers little to no support

➜ Cold calling (bleh)

➜ Door knocking (double bleh)

➜ Stressing about where your next client is coming from

➜ Having a million questions and no one in your office willing to answer them

Le sigh. You KNOW you need a marketing plan (duh). But these old-school methods are draining your dignity, your energy, and possibly, your bank account.

This pandemic isn’t exactly the “pause and reset” button we were all hoping for, and yet here we all are, spending more time than ever at home.

There’s no tiptoeing around it: This is NOT real estate business as usual. 

I know you are feeling the weight of this weird, seemingly unreal reality we are living in. 

I am too. 

But I also genuinely believe that now is THE time to take a step back, take a breath, and take stock of your business plan.


Getting steady leads and becoming the go-to agent in your community is way easier than you’d think (seriously).

With the right strategies and a clear step-by-step roadmap, quality leads will come to you.

Here’s what you need to understand first:

In today’s uncertain times, it’s not JUST about houses, inspections and contracts.

It’s about being a trusted source of information and assistance to people within your community.

It’s about being able to do everything you need to do safely and remotely.

It’s about being someone who knows what your clients need before they need it.

And it’s about knowing how to market yourself within that community, so clients come running to you any time an opportunity arises.

That, friend, is how I became the #1 solo agent in my local market (no teams, just me) producing over $22 million (and counting this year) and closing over 40 transactions in my marketplace … 

within 2 years of being licensed ... 

without cold calling, door knocking, or buying expensive online leads. 

It’s also how I’ve managed to stay busy (dare I say, busier than ever!) throughout the COVID crisis.

Did I mention I’m a wife and mom of three kids who are now home All. The. Time?

If I can do it, so can you (seriously).

I’ve already shown countless real estate agents (new and seasoned) how to do the same.

"Paige is a true marketing rockstar with a genuine heart and she is fun! Her program certainly empowered me and gave me clarity on how I want to show  up in my business. This program has provided me with a comprehensible structure, actionable steps, and lots of courage! Incredible opportunities keep presenting themselves since going through this program. marketing has become not only easier but more fun! Thank you, Paige!"

- Diana Patterson

"As a brand new agent in a brand new city, this course provided direction and motivation when I felt very unsure and overwhelmed. It also helped me realize I've barely scratched the surface of the all the ways I could be connecting with my audience; I've had the social media tools all along but didn't know how to use them effectively."

-Aly Zittel

You’ve probably heard the statistic that

  20% of the agents do 80% of the transactions

in your market. 

Let’s recap the TOP 3 reasons so many agents call it quits (or are just scraping by) two years after getting licensed...

 #1. Shiny object syndrome (aka following the shortcuts and wasting money)

Creating and following a plan requires focus and intention. But let’s be honest, there are so many “shortcuts” paraded in front of us, from cold online leads to companies who set listing appointments for you. Too many agents get distracted with the newest trick, but the truth is, there’s no magic bullet (womp, womp).

Agents who succeed know that a strategic marketing plan is a powerful guide for your business. It’s the single biggest tool to help you stand out, plan your path, create the habits that lead to consistency, and in return lead to a pipeline of clients you love.

 #2. Overwhelm (trying to do everything but not doing anything really well)

You make your to-list and it’s three pages long and ends with - JUST DO ALL THE THINGS. I see you with your head in your hands, shutting down. When you have a clear plan with dates, checklists and budgets, you get laser focused and stay in your lane. This will allow you to show up consistently and build massive trust with your local audience and zero in on the ONE thing you do best.

 #3. Superhero mentality (believing they have to be everything to everyone)

The most successful agents zero in on ONE geographic area they can specialize in.. When you niche down and dedicate your marketing to your specific area, you become the “Mayor of your City,”  a true market expert who wins listings and gets referrals on the regular because of your local market expertise.

 You’re determined to avoid these mistakes … are you with me? 

Here’s what it really takes to be the top agent in your city ...

You need a Strategic, (and Non-Sleazy) Marketing Plan
that will:

  • Position you as an expert in your market and make your name synonymous with real estate. Fact: Market experts get chosen more often. Become an expert in your market, SHOW that you’re the expert, and become the name that all the local connectors share when they’re recommending an agent.
  • Generate consistent cash flow and get you in front of your favorite people. Authentic, consistent, local marketing will attract the type of people you were meant to serve. No more cold calls, door knocking or soul crushing clients in your future. Gone are the days of being everything to everyone. You were meant to stand out, and when you do, you’ll work with clients who are the perfect fit. Generate consistent cash flow and work with your favorite people. 
  • Get you paid what you’re worth and help you discover the magic of purely passive income. As a local expert, you’ll be so in demand you’ll get to choose your clients. That means you’ll never have to discount your rates or take another client who isn’t your dream client or is looking outside of your market. Instead, you’ll be perfectly happy to refer them to the next best agent, and enjoy a big, fat referral check for doing practically nothing.
  • Give you back your time. When you have a clear, simple plan and you actually start executing it, you’ll discover that you are much more in control of your schedule. When you start each day with a clear action plan and you decide to stop driving all over town for showings and focus on your “zone of happiness,” you’ll finally start feeling that freedom you’ve always wanted.
  • Give you back your dignity. With a solid plan, you’ll be authentic and genuine without being salesy and pushy (and you’ll still make a boatload of money)

“Got it. I need a marketing plan.”

But where the heck do you start when you’ve got bills to pay, zero leads, and a to-do list that makes you want to crawl back into bed?

Perhaps in your most determined of moments you actually made a commitment to start your plan.

You’ve written a blog or two, set up all your social media accounts, probably started brainstorming your website and were super excited about all the clients (and commission) in your future.

If you were super committed, maybe you even invested in a logo design or purchased leads.

Did it get you to your goals?

If it’s not where you imagined, you need to go back and create a strategic plan that clearly lays out the plan for becoming the top agent in your market.

Wanna make it simple?

Stick with me, grasshopper.

You’re about to become a Real Estate Marketing Master.

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?

I’m Paige. Your Real Estate Business Bestie

Here to rescue you from the soul-sucking wretches of cold calling, door knocking, and expired-listing buying, and whisk you away to the world of Dream Clients and Profitability.

I'm an active Realtor who, within two years of being licensed, have become the #1 solo agent in my local market (no teams, just me) producing over $30M (and counting this year) and closing over 44 transactions in my market.
Without cold calling, door knocking, or buying expensive online leads.

I wasn’t just brand new to real estate … I was brand new to my market. I knew two people when I moved to my new city in 2017. 

The key to my success has been building a personal brand and narrowing my focus to the smallest viable market I want to serve, allowing me to leverage my time in my local zone of happiness and making true connections with my community.

I’ve mastered ONE area and now I attract all the clients who want to buy or sell near me.

I’m so thrilled that I mastered this industry that I want to share it with other agents as well. This isn’t another get rich quick, cold-calling, online lead plan.

It is a solid MARKETING PLAN  that will help you build a sustainable career and bring you serious success.

We may be living in an uncertain time right now.

But the truth is, I have never felt more certain than I do right now, at this very moment, that my business is going to thrive through this.

That I am going to thrive as an entrepreneur.

And I believe with all my heart, that you and your real estate business will too, if you make the choice to do so. 

The news is changing daily and I don’t know what’s going to happen a week or a month from now. 

But here is one thing I know for sure:

The real estate agents who choose to

step up,  show up, embrace technology, and adapt during these uncertain times.
Those are the agents who will come out stronger than ever when we’re finally on the other side of this thing.

I know this to be true because current Master Your Marketing Students are gaining clients, listing homes AND still prospecting.

I am one of them, you can be too.

"I consider myself pretty digitally savvy, but I’m a firm believer that you can never have too much knowledge. This course really helped me with mindset. It’s given me a direction as far as knowing I have to systematically block out time and plan for these things. The way she put together her area guide, and the way she explains repurposing content was ingenious."

Paul Johnson, Realtor

"Prior to taking this course I struggled with a bit of FOMO...the dreaded Fear of Missing Out. Trying to be all the things to all the people. Through taking this course, I have strengthened my resolve to focus on the areas where I excel. Doing more of what I love, how I love to do it and connecting authentically with those whom I love to work with."

Megan Higgs

"I was trying to do business everywhere. I was driving hours and hours in every direction, but now I’m referring people and choosing to focus on one area and becoming an expert in that area. I’ve started connecting with local businesses, blogging, and in the past few weeks, I’ve gotten 1 listing and picked up 4 buyers as a result of showing my local expertise during Open Houses."

Therese Gesch

"Before taking this course, I just wasn’t focused and felt like there was too much “stuff” going on. I had the answers right in front of my face all along, but Paige weeded out the noise so I could see them. Since taking her course and finding my ‘zone of happiness’, I’ve gotten my first listing."

Sherri McCullough

 Master your Marketing with Paige is the first course of its kind that’s:

✔ Built with rapid implementation in mind.

No time wasting here. Action packed templates to get you going for both short and long term profitability.

✔ Built to inspire focus.

This course is your permission to stop doing “all the things” and choose the areas you shine in, and double (or triple) down on those areas so you can stand out from the crowd.

✔ A complete step-by-step system.

Written guides, video tutorials and workbook exercises make sure you finish what you start.

That’s why I hope you'll join me in

A complete step-by-step implementation plan for REAL ESTATE AGENTS who are ready to become the go-to agent in their city, so they can stop chasing leads, and start attracting dream clients,
no matter what’s happening in the market and in the economy.

It’s the only course of its kind that:

  •  Instantly raises your local celeb status and authority in the marketplace

  • Generates consistent cash flow and allows you to work with your favorite people

  • Gets you paid what you’re worth and generating passive income

  • Teaches you how to create the perfect mix of online and in-person marketing strategies for your personality

  • Is designed to make marketing feel FUN

The easy-to-follow, 3-Step Master Your Marketing Framework gives you a crystal clear, *can’t fail* roadmap for becoming the go-to agent in your community and designing a predictably profitable real estate business.

 Here’s how it all breaks down…

PHASE 1: Control the cash flow

If you do nothing else, this module will

This is where you’ll go from “real estate agent” to BOSS of your business. The first step in becoming the CEO of your real estate business is mastering your money and creating a bulletproof foundation for managing your cash flow. This foundational business training will help you understand your numbers and create an intentional business designed to help you reach your financial goals.

By the time you’re finished with Step #1, you’ll have your annual business budget all mapped out, and you’ll know exactly where to invest to grow your business.

PHASE 2: Master Your Marketing

This is where you’ll determine HOW to spend your marketing energy and budget with intention and focus. 

Remember, the main reason you’re stuck in overwhelm is because you’re trying to do “all the things.” In his phase, we’ll dive into understanding exactly who you are talking to, what to say, and choosing your zone of genius (blogging, vlogging, podcast, social media, event based marketing). I'll be serving up a Marketing Option Buffet and give you the control to choose HOW you want to show up in your market with your personal brand.

PHASE 3:Implementing your action plan

Boom! By now, you’ve told overwhelm to eat your dust and created your highly focused marketing mix. THIS is where the magic happens. During this phase, you’ll create your promotional calendars, so week after week, month after month, you’ll know exactly where to invest your time and energy.

Execution is the name of the game. Together we’ll put this plan into action.

The end result will be a highly profitable real estate business that you can scale as large or as small as you want. The choice will be yours. (Can I get an amen?)


There are EIGHT pre-recorded training modules, plus a library of cheat sheets, checklists, bonus modules and action-packed templates designed to “wake up” your lead gen fast.

Module ONE Highlights:

  • Introduction
  • Control the Cashflow Budget Workshop (LIVE) & Spread sheet template

Module TWO Highlights:

  • Identifying your ideal market- in what city do you want to be considered “The Honorary Mayor?”
  • Identifying your ideal client- who are you showing up for every day? You’ll walk through the process of choosing your DREAM client and how to get to the place in your business where you ONLY have to work with them.
  • Your Go-To Properties- do you rock land deals, luxury or bust, mid-century modern or are you queen of condos? While you can do it all, you can position yourself to sell MORE of what you LOVE.
  • Connecting with connectors- become besties with the people in your community who love to talk to friends and neighbors. You’ll get steps to help you develop, authentic, lasting relationships that lead to clients & referrals.
  • 5 habits of neighborhood experts- what does the Mayor of the city do? I’ll share with you the consistent habits of true neighborhood experts and how that leads to super-fans who trust you and recommend you to everyone..

Module THREE Highlights:

  • 5 elements you need for a powerful online presence- a breakdown of what you website should include and WHY. We get specific here so you can immediately implement the content you came up with in Module 1.
  • Everything you need to know about utilizing a website from your company, building a website on your own or hiring it out (pros and cons of each option.)
  • How to create the graphics and copy for your online presence. We talk about how to prepare for creating branded online posts, graphics and offline print advertising so that you present a professional branded look with every piece of content.
  • How to hire a developer and manage your website project. Okay, it’s one thing to say yes to hiring out building a website, but how do you manage that project? This final section pulls together all of the elements and how to choose a designer. I include recommendations and how to manage the people and tasks involved so your website project stays on track and on budget!

Module FOUR Highlights:

  • Finding your voice- this is a true gift. No more purchased, canned material that you bought from a real-estate marketing company. You’ll introduce “your people” to the real you and attract only the best clients for YOU.
  • Platforms & best content practices- not every platform is created equal. You’ll learn how to make sure the time you spend creating and posting online gets seen!
  • ALL the content ideas served up for you- No more time wasted trying to come up with a post or falling off the wagon and going dark. I have your back. By this time you’ll have your perfect client and “zone of happiness” all figured out so the content ideas will flow like a stream after a heavy snow melt. Your clients and followers will be able to count on you for valuable content that cements you in their mind as the only agent they should choose.
  • Re-purposing content- you’ll learn how to maximize the quality content you’re creating to save you time and get maximum exposure. This information was so good that there’s a part 1 and part 2 of how to repurpose your content so it becomes the gift that keeps on giving (you new clients)!.
  • All about promoting blogs- Write a blog they said. Then you did and it just “sat there” on the website. Here you’ll get 5 steps to make sure your blog gets seen and leverage that content into new clients and building your email list..

 Module FIVE Highlights:

  • Introduction to email marketing and nurturing your email sphere
  • Introduction to writing your own emails 


Module SIX Highlights:

  • Here’s where we roll out the marketing red carpet…with a clear and intentional action plan. No more wasted money or analysis paralysis- this will allow you to be decisive and jump on opportunities when they come your way - and say no to shiny object syndrome. You’ll create an action plan to help you get to where you want to be quickly and efficiently.

Module SEVEN Highlights:

You’re in the home stretch and it all culminates with how you organize your day so you can accomplish your goals. From time management to budgeting, these lessons will take you from reacting to your business to RUNNING your business.

  • Create an action plan- this will help you say YES quickly to the right things and say NO to the ideas that might be great but aren’t part of the big overall plan.
  • Create your marketing mix- Decide what areas you’ll focus on online and offline so you can plan your time accordingly and show up consistently
  • Core lead strategies- all this marketing needs to lead to, well, LEADS. You’ll get strategies that will help you build your email list of good leads.
  • Setting your day up for success- getting your mindset right, taking care of your body and utilizing your calendar so you can be most available to your clients
  • Pro tips for scheduling your content- This lesson is the one you never knew you always needed. Plan those posts, blogs, postcards all in advance and let your marketing flow automatically while you serve your active clients..


Module EIGHT Highlights:

Now we are preparing for business. This is a mini-training inside this epic course. This training is led by Asana and productivity guru, Amy Mitchell. It is all about Asana, a task manager that can help you organize your "to-do" list so you can "do ALL THE THINGS" with out imploding. 

  • Learn how to organize your "tasks" vs "your in-person appointments"
  • Learn how a task manager can become an employee, plus bonus this tech tool is completely FREE to use.



Take the Master Your Marketing Course Challenge: Paige’s Promise, Your Course Guarantee.

I’ve got you. This course was written for you. All the coffee dates and questions that came from agents on how to create a deep, unshakable marketing plan are wrapped up in this course, created by me - an active REALTOR who knows what the day to day demands on you look like..

 This course will take you from being stressed out over where your next client is coming from to taking control over your messaging and proactively attracting clients to you. In addition you’ll be part of a community of real estate agents who support one another and celebrate your success.

 This course will allow you to be decisive and give you a plan to execute AND it will shift your paradigm and how you think about marketing yourself and your business.

 It’s going to be work though - you’re not buying leads here or relying on a set-it-and-forget-it-pay-to-play method.

 But when you make the commitment to work through the lessons, you’ll have clarity on who you serve. You’ll have immediate action items and long term foundational items that will help you create a strategic plan to execute and build relationships within your community.  If you stay consistent you WILL win.

 After 30 days, if you put in the work (we want you to show us you- built a website, completed and promoted 12 blogs) but don’t see positive traction in your sphere, email me, [email protected] for a full refund. I’ve got your back.

HERE’S What you’re getting when you enroll today::

  • Master Your Marketing with Paige online course  

    *(lifetime access + any course upgrades *future bonuses not included)
  • Bi-Weekly live Q&A with Paige 

    Private Facebook Group just for members

 When you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

1 Payment of


Yes, I Need This!

What our most successful agents asked before they invested in this course:

YES, you can binge on this course. I know how busy and unpredictable your workflow can be so the course is delivered in full at the time of purchase so you can dive in and execute when it fits into your schedule.

Absolutely, the collaboration in the Master Your Marketing group on Facebook is what this is all about. I will do a weekly live Q & A for the first 6 weeks every time after the course doors close. You can also email me anytime for support.

After the 6 week period, I will continue to show up in the Facebook community to answer questions and provide tips and tricks in an ever evolving world of marketing.


For a lifetime as long as the course exists. You will have access to every version as it evolves and is upgraded, it will be right there in your library to refer to as your business grows.

The course opens only 3 times a year. I recommend always taking one marketing course per year and getting one real estate designation per year. It’s great for your business and your clients.

This is not a system to purchase leads. This course is built around what value you bring to your community as a person, small business owner and a professional real estate agent.


Nope, we’re going deep and setting the stage for the foundation of your business. We’ll talk social media but prior to that we’ll gain clarity on your authentic brand voice and your online and offline presence. This course will be the springboard to leveraging the marketing system of your choice.

I sure as heck hope not! If you ever feel that way email me and I’ll help you through that feeling. My philosophy is rooted in not having to do ALL THE THINGS. Instead we find clarity in the things we LOVE most and do that ONE THING really well. Igive you the permission to say “no”, my friend.

HERE’S What you’re getting when you enroll today::

  • Master Your Marketing with Paige online course  

    *(lifetime access + any course upgrades *future bonuses not included)
  • Bi-Weekly live Q&A with Paige  in the

    Private Facebook Group just for members

 When you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

1 Payment of


Yes, I need This!

Still undecided?
Master Your Marketing with Paige is perfect for you if:

  1. You’re newly licensed and just getting started and want to make sure you are doing it right from the start.
  2. You’re an agent struggling to gain traction and wants to get it right once and for all.
  3. You understand that you’re a small business and a strong business owner and you’re willing to invest in your business to make it sustainable and healthy for long term growth.
  4. You’re COACHABLE and you IMPLEMENT the skills you learn.
  5. You’re tired of purchasing smaller tools and need a large scale plan to implement so you can use the tools and tech you’ve purchased in the past.
  6. You want to market in an authentic and genuine way without feeling sales-y when you make phone calls or post online.
  7. You’re already investing time and energy by posting on social and writing amazing blog posts, but you need a clear strategy that ties them all together to see real results.
  8. You want a community of agents who have your back, can support you and brainstorm new and innovative ideas. Everyone needs a “work-wife” to keep them accountable.
  9. You feel confident grabbing the access code today and diving into the course action items so you’re one step closer to executing a consistent plan towards higher profits and more joyful clients.

 If you said YES to any of these, I can’t wait to meet you inside of Master Your Marketing with Paige.

HERE’S What you’re getting when you enroll today::

  • Master Your Marketing with Paige online course  

    *(lifetime access + any course upgrades *future bonuses not included)
  • Bi-Weekly live Q&A with Paige 

    Private Facebook Group just for members

 When you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

1 Payment of


Yes, I Need This!

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